Phones in Australia

Understanding prepaid phones in Australia

While travelling, many of us find ourselves in need of making just a few local calls and the rest of the time we’re online to update Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with pictures of Uluru and Bondi beach.  Times like this, it’s often better to buy a local SIM card for your phone so you don’t suffer any unnecessary roaming charges.

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Aldwych Underground station

Exploring the abandoned Aldywch tube station

Aldwych is a disused Underground station situated on the Strand in London. Opened in 1907 to operate as a shuttle service from Holborn under the name “Strand”, renamed to Aldwych soon after opening as the name caused confusion.  The station was closed in 1994 due to the cost of refurbishment after the lifts and mechanics fell into disrepair. Continue reading

Széchenyi bathhouse

Thermal baths of Budapest, Széchenyi

Budapest, the capital of Hungary has much to offer any visitors to the city. Separated by the Danube river, the city is divided into two halves Buda & Pest.

I had high hopes for Budapest.  The day was a dedicated ‘spa day’ in one of the famous thermal baths. It was going to be a very welcome treat on my tired and weary body especially considering the tumultuous week we’d had. Continue reading

Széchenyi square

Eastern Euro road trip – Day 5 – Pécs to Budapest

After the previous disaster day, exploring the quiet city of Pécs was a welcome change of pace.

Pécs is the proud owner of a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Early Christian Necropolis of Pecs is a series of 4th century decorated underground tombs were constructed in the cemetery. Continue reading

Slavonski Brod

Eastern Euro road trip – Day 4 (part 2) – Slavonski Brod to Pécs

It was the day that seemed to last forever.  Starting in Zagreb, we were headed for Pécs, a city in southern Hungary with a ‘slight’ detour to the Slavonski Brod on the Bosnian border.

The drive to Slavonski Brod was dreadful.  Empty roads that ran through small deserted towns and the snow. My god did it snow. Even with our winter tires we slipped and slid around corners as we went up and down mountain ranges. Continue reading

Zagreb sign

Eastern Euro road trip – Day 4 – Zagreb to Pécs

We arrived in Zagreb quite late, we had enough time to get a feel for the city, check out the old town square & Cathedral while having a stroll through the deserted Christmas markets which munching on a Croatian Christmas sausage before calling it an early night. Continue reading

Dragon bridge

Eastern Euro road trip – Day 3 – Ljubljana to Zagreb

From Bled, we arrived in Ljubljana quite late.  Whilst driving mindlessly around town trying to leech free WiFi from anywhere to book a hotel for the night, we stumbled on a fair.  Situated in a deserted car park on the outskirts of town and the fair was clearly lacking patrons.  Run by nondescript gypsies, I was convinced it was unsafe and likely to void every travel insurance policy known to man. But they had fairy floss and it was my birthday-eve. How better to spend the last day in my 20s than by diving face first into sugar-laden fairy floss and riding perilous carnival rides…


Birthday fairy floss, the best kind.

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