European Solidarity Centre & Three Crossses Monument

Solidarity: The Movement Which Changed Europe

By: russellofearth

On our recent rail adventure through Poland, Roma and I spent some time in Gdansk enjoying the historic Old Town and learning about the critical role that Gdansk played in modern history. It wasn’t just Poland’s modern history that was changed, European and world history was forever changed by what started as a workers strike in the shipyards of Gdansk.

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Why Expats in the UK need to understand the Registered Traveller Service

If you’ve been following Roaming Required for some time you’ll know we like to get around. Jetsetting around Europe to all the weird and wacky places sounds easy peasy, but when you fly on a non-EU passport it can be a bit of pain. We frequently field questions from Immigration border agents about our intentions, length of stay including showing your return ticket and lots and lots of queuing.

The UK now offers a similar program to the “Global Entry” program in the US. The Registered Traveller service is set up for foreigners, specifically those from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA. Continue reading

Old Town, Gdansk in Poland is one not to miss.

A Stroll Through Gdansk’s Old Town

By: russellofearth

A walk along the cobblestone laneways of Gdansk is like taking a walk through centuries of history. It doesn’t matter where you look, you’ll find something fascinating to capture your imagination, such as one of the world’s largest brick churches or the original standing city gates or even the famous Neptune’s Fountain. Continue reading

East London street art

7 East London Street Art Locations

East London is synonymous with street art.  Every week at least one new street art piece pops up in the area of London most populated by street art, Shoreditch.

Stroll through the streets of this infamous area, once associated with the serial killings of Jack the Ripper and the gangster activity of the Kray twins.  Nowadays you’ll find the street art mixed into a gentrified area dominated by independent cafes, boutique barber shops and whole streets dedicated to the cuisine of the original 20th century residents of the area, the Bangladeshis. Continue reading

Warsaw at night

9 Essential Experiences in Warsaw

By: @russellofearth

No visit to Poland can be complete without a trip to the capital, Warsaw. Fortunately for most of us, there are frequent flights which makes Warsaw an an easy and affordable destination.  So Roma and I decided to make Warsaw the start and end point of our grand Polish adventure.

We stayed in Warsaw for 2 days which gave us a good amount of time to visit some of the most well-known sites.  We could have easily have stayed longer because we thoroughly enjoyed experiencing life in Poland’s capital.

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24 hours in Poznan

24 hours in Poznan

The plan was simple, just 24 hours in Poznan. Easy! We had a few museums in mind after our educational trip to the Solidarity Museum in Gdańsk. However upon arriving in the Old Market Square, with the setting sun hit the colourful merchant houses, the romance of the cobblestones and the fountains, the city completely captured my imagination. Continue reading

Public Transport in Poland

How to take Public Transport in Poland with Jakdojade

By: @russellofearth

If you’re heading to Poland for the first time and a little concerned about how to get from Point A to Point B on public transport then you need to down a free app, App

The app is an awesome public transport app which provides detailed directions for the majority of cities in Poland. It is so easy to use that it became the one app that we relied upon daily to get us to the next destination. Search Continue reading