Teeing up in Greenwich

Last week I was invited to join a bunch of bloggers to N1 Golf in North Greenwich for Monarch.

It’s been five long years since I picked up a golf club.  My brothers and I would often go out for a round or two.  Well, they mostly played and being the baby sister, I was often tasked with being the caddy or putting the ball onto the tee.   I suppose over the years I learnt a thing or two!  Continue reading


London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week is back again for one week only. For anyone that’s been abstaining for Dryathlon throughout September, October is a welcome return of the warm embrace of a tipple.

Similar to previous years pop up bars, masterclasses, events and tours are all on the agenda for the year’s week of hedonism.  Continue reading

The Etienne Sisters (photo credit Robert Day)

Review: The Etienne Sisters – Stratford East Theatre Royal

Ché Walker’s latest production The Etienne Sisters takes to the stage at Stratford East Theatre Royal after experiencing much success with Klook’s Last Stand.

The Etienne Sisters is almost an emotional coming of age story. Three girls battle to find their feet and establish what it means to be a family.   Two sisters Tree (Toussaint-White) and Ree Etienne (Saayeng) mourn the death of their mother, only to find their experience is worsened by the arrival of their long-time estranged half-sister, Bo (Ava-Brown). Continue reading

The Sting at Wilton's Music Hall

Review: The Sting, Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton’s music hall, located in a small alley in a former industrial area in East London. It’s not the location I was expecting for London’s last remaining Victorian music hall. The Sting is the first production since the venue underwent a major refurbishment. Refurb aside, Wilton’s still has that old world charm. Shabby chic with peeling paint and rustic crumbling brickwork only adds to the setting for The Sting.

The Sting is set in the depression era, 1930’s Chicago. The city is rife with crime, con-men and double crossers. Think trilby hats, trench coats and cops on the take and you’re on the right track. Continue reading

Exploring London in the rain,

Exploring London with The Original Tour bus

Picture this… you arrive in London full of gusto.  You know what you want to see. Take a stroll along Southbank, bask in the sunshine weaving in and out of the Tate Modern, past the London Eye, then snap some pictures of the famous Elizabeth Tower & Big Ben, before crossing over Westminster bridge to see it for yourself.  Sound like a solid plan?

But what if it rains?

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ABQ Breaking Bad bar London

Review: ABQ – Breaking Bad inspired popup cocktail bar, London

ABQ, a Breaking Bad inspired popup cocktail bar in London has surfaced in London.

In the dark deserted streets of east London’s Hackney Wick, there is a familiar sight.  A beige battered RV with racing stripes up the side & smoke billowing from the top.  A man in a respirator and a yellow hazmat suit emerges from the darkness.

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Henry V at Temple Church

Review: Henry V

Not being a student of Shakespeare, I confess I sourced a CliffsNotes summary of the play, before setting forth to the performance of Antic Disposition’s Henry V in Temple Church.

The venue, a 12th Century Church in the middle of London’s law district is well hidden off the map. It’s an intimate setting with church pews turned in to face the traverse stage as the remaining rays of the days sun shine through the oversized stained glass windows.  It is no accident that this adaptation coincides with the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, for which the original text is set, or that it’s 100 years since World War One, the setting for this performance. Continue reading

Review of first class virgin trains

Review: Virgin Trains – First class upgrade

On weekends, Virgin Trains offer standard class passengers the chance at experiencing first class for a small premium.

I’ve regularly mentioned my discontentment at the pricing structure of the UK train system.  At the time of writing, a ticket from Glasgow to London can cost as much as £130 for standard class or £434 for first class.  These are actual prices for trains! You can save some serious coin by keeping an eye out for specials that come up every now and again, or buying your ticket well in advance.  My ticket from Glasgow to London cost £15 one way (Yahuh! Unheard of!) I upgraded my standard class ticket to first by paying the £15 upgrade fee.  So now, my first class ticket to London cost me £30.

But, is it worth it?

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